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Construction & Management Services


Stillhouse Construction, Inc. Provides Quality, Commercial Construction & Management Services with a Unique Expertise in Stormwater, Drainage, Sinkhole and Erosion Projects.

Construction Services

  • Repairs & Remediation
  • Inspections
  • Consultation
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • System Repairs
  • Reporting

Commercial Construction Services

  • Sinkhole Repairs & Remediation
  • Sinkhole Consultation
  • Drainage Repair
  • Land Erosion Repairs
  • Water Basin Maintenance

Stand-Alone Construction Services

  • Excavation and Grading
  • Concrete Services
  • Asphalt Services
  • Seal Coating & Line Painting
  • Pond Maintenance
  • … And More

Repairs, Remediation, Emergencies and New Construction

Stormwater Management

Stillhouse Construction provides the expertise to keep your stormwater management system current and in compliance with local and state standards:

  • Annual / Bi-Annual / Quarterly Storm Event Based Inspection Programs with an on-staff Qualified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater
  • Stormwater Inspections, recommendations, and rehabilitation services.
  • Facilitates compliance with Local / State stormwater deficiency notices.

Special Projects

  • Excavating / Grading
  • Seeding / Turf Restoration
  • Asphalt Services
  • Concrete Services
  • Seal Coating / Crack Filling
  • Line Painting
  • Lot Sweeping
  • Pressure / Soft Washing Services
  • Exterior Painting
  • And many more, just ask how we can help!


Whether it’s a standard reverse rock filter installation or as complex as a compaction grouting layout, Stillhouse Construction is here to provide expert consultation for your sinkhole needs. Stillhouse works hand in hand with professional engineers and geologists to provide the best approach in the most cost-effective way for your project.

Stillhouse can provide that “one stop shop” as we partner with numerous local engineering firms, surveying companies, and karst geologists.

Drainage Pipe Install During Construction
Stormwater Basin During Construction
Large SInkhole Before Remediation

Construction Services Directly for Property Owners and Property Managers

As a property owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property’s stormwater facilities are properly maintained and function as designed.

In combination, with general maintenance and post-construction BMPs and stormwater inspections, we provide expertise to keep your stormwater management system:

  • Working as originally designed.
  • Protect and safeguard your investment.
  • Ensure that you comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Ask Us How We May Help!
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